Anapolon and test enanthate

The Tren is as strong as it gets, "forte" is the Italian for strong, and that is up to expectations, unlike other brands I've found to be rather "meh". I only use 200mg weekly and that is enough to meet either my bulking or cut needs, I believe most guys just use too much Tren, well not my take. The SP tren forte kept me strong and lean as I bulked, it lets me eat a beefy caloric surplus daily and yet I stay lean, only side is I get soo hot and sweaty during my workouts it's sometimes a problem, but other than that, I generally tolerate it well.

You’ll find many people who disagree with this train of thought simply because they have used it themselves, but you need to ask yourself A: if this person is at a professional level, and B: how well they place in their competitions, plus, consider their physicality against yours; it’s possible that their frame could “absorb” the effects of drol, but it’s unlikely that % of the gym going world could “wear” its effects so well. In short, unless you’re at Mr Olympia level with a ridiculous level of fat free mass and a super low body fat percentage – you’re incredibly unlikely to enhance your cut using anadrol.

Anapolon and test enanthate

anapolon and test enanthate


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