Anapolon nl

First off, I have used anabolic steroids before and will more than likely use them again - thing is though, I studied them for years before even thinking of using them - and when I started I knew exactly what I was getting into .....

Long term effects of anabolics are not as serious as the media will have you believe, but they have been linked to prostrate problems, premature hair loss, carpal tunnel syndrome, increased hdl/ldl levels, increased risk of heart attack, etc. But remember, these are with mega doses over an extended period.

The stuff that you say the guys inject before a game is more than likely halotestin - a lot of rugby players use it pre match (even at national level I hear) to increase aggression. I, personally would definitely steer clear of it, the term "roid rage" was made for that steroid ...... the increase of strength and aggression is not the best combination, espescially in a contact sport .....

My advice is steer clear, and stay natural. Only think about anabolics after MANY years of hard training - and use them for a good reason, not just to make the team.



Anapolon nl

anapolon nl


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