Anavar 20 mg caps

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1) 20mg of anavar will do what? That's a very very low dose
2) one cycle and after that no more AAS? Lol, where did I hear that again?
3) Anavar will shut your HTPA down
4) For cutting why don't you take winstrol for 6 weeks?
5) Yes, you will need PCT. For an anavar cycle I'd say Nolvadex at 20/20/20 (if you plan on taking Anavar for only 4 weeks lol)
6) It's not very harsh on the liver, so at such a low dosage and only 4 weeks you don't need to worry. Not even about muscle gains!
7) Natural test boosters... SERM PCT: read stickies

Anavar 20 mg caps

anavar 20 mg caps


anavar 20 mg capsanavar 20 mg capsanavar 20 mg capsanavar 20 mg capsanavar 20 mg caps