Anavar cycle and clomid

My erections didn’t get back to 100% normal until about 3 months after my last T shot. But that’s what the pills are for! lol I had a girl over last night, week 3 of PCT when my libido is probably as low as it will be the whole cycle. I just popped a Viagra and was good to go. I’m totally Ok doing that for the next 2 months if that’s what it takes until I’m back to normal. If you’re going to take steroids, honestly Viagra/Cialis are part of a necessary “Post cycle therepy” are they not? …on an ‘as needed’ basis of course. 😉

I've been ordering this product from IPS for the past 2 years. They are one of the only sources that carries Testosterone Undecanoate. If you're not familiar with this ester, it's one of the largest one available. I've learned that by adding 250mg/wk of Testosterone Undecanoate to an existing cycle, it keeps my bloods stable which means better gains and overall mood. Also, I can pin Sustanon every 3 days without issue. There is zero PIP with this product. Very light oil which mixes great with a thicker, high concentration Sustanon product I use in conjunction with Testosterone Undecanoate.

Anavar cycle and clomid

anavar cycle and clomid


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