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Hi Joe….. I have to be honest… I have never came across anybody who suffered any major issues from the stimulants in IKO.. but the fact is that there IS stimulants in the mix…. What the makers suggest to anybody with your sort of problems is to start off at half dose ( 2 caps a day) and over a week or so build slowly to the maximum of 4 capsules daily…. some find that they can tolerate 2 but no more, others find that 3 are ok, but 4 is just too much and many are completely fine with the max dose.. It is a bit hit and miss, but I do believe that you will find a level that suits…. If you do go ahead and try it, please come back and let me know how you get on with it… BTW don’t forget that they do offer a 90 day cash back guarantee, so if you do find that it doesn’t suit, you can get your money back…. Best Wishes and good luck – Paul

Anavar price is really high and men should take higher doses to achieve their goal than women. Men have to take minimum 50 mg per day where 10 mg pill costs $2-$4, which is really pocket soaring. Women are well doing with 10 mg per day, which could be economically manageable. Human grade Anavar is always good and cost worthy. So, searching carefully and collecting vital information about the supplier will save you from buying fake Anavar products. Always try to buy the original product even though it is expensive, otherwise, go for legal alternatives which would be cheaper than the original.

Anavar uk seller

anavar uk seller


anavar uk selleranavar uk selleranavar uk selleranavar uk seller