Anniversary gift ideas

4th Wedding Anniversary - Flowers or Fruit
The traditional themes in the UK for the fourth wedding anniversary are flowers and fruit, although in the US linen is the theme which is often adopted by people on this side of the pond as well. But if you’re looking to keep it traditional with your anniversary gifts then sumptuous fruit baskets and a luxurious bouquet of your partner’s favourite flowers are a good way to start. Or for a more meaningful gift idea which will last even longer and hopefully flourish as your marriage grows, try planting your own flowers or fruit trees for something which should bear fruit in your family home for years to come.

I have been married for almost 20 years. These suggestions are inspiring. What I don’t get are the negative responses. I mean your reading a 101 frugal list why would anyone say any of these are being cheap. My husband and I are responsible spenders. We never spend what we don’t have but we really like to give special gifts to each other. Letters and drawings and the everyday sacrifices or extra special attention given to each other needs have been a priority in our twenty years together. I always say that if my husband asked me to marry him with a string with a knot the answer would still be yes. I want his time and affection. I think I will learn to make paper roses this year it just sounds cool. I would like to add to the list is antique or second hand shops they often have treasures.

Anniversary gift ideas

anniversary gift ideas


anniversary gift ideasanniversary gift ideasanniversary gift ideasanniversary gift ideasanniversary gift ideas