Oxandrolone japan

SARMs or by full name Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are the class of the therapeutic compounds which have the similar properties to the anabolic agents but also with reduced androgenics properties. This type of the property allows the SARMs the benefit of the androgen-receptors specificity, the tissue selectivity, and lack of the steroid-related consequences.

Some of the potential side effects of the anabolic steroids used include acne, breast tissue development, liver damage, and the shrinking of testicle to males, and the deepening of voice, the growth of hair on the upper back, face, stomach, and the abnormal menstrual cycles to females. Actually SARMs have an ability of differentiating between androgenic and anabolic activities , and generally this provides a potential for the therapeutic opportunities in the variety of the medical conditions which include muscle-wasting diseases, cancer, osteoporosis, and hypogonadism.

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Oxandrolone japan

oxandrolone japan


oxandrolone japanoxandrolone japanoxandrolone japanoxandrolone japanoxandrolone japan